Temperature Controlled Warehousing

With millions of refrigerated cubic feet our warehouse team is ready, willing and anticipating servicing your business.  In-room temperature reduction based upon customer specifications.

Our facility is comprised of 23 multipurpose rooms covering 80,000 square feet of floor space and 1.5 million cubic feet.

Blast Freezing

Our facility utilizes nine blast freezing tunnels which can accommodate 107 fish or vegetable racks or 248 pallets of drums.

Eleven of our rooms, a total of 38,100 square feet, are suited to store frozen product.


We are dedicated to safe and compliant warehousing.  Proper temperature management is the most obvious attribute in a long list of critically important checks and balances set up to restrict detrimental environments that may affect your product.  You can be confident that your products are being received, stored, and distributed under exacting environmental conditions and temperature specifications.

Product Safety

Our goal is to handle your products just like you would.  We review and set Safety Policy Processes, Safety Management Systems Audits, Behavioral Based Safety training and evaluations, and strive to exceed standard regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Food safety is more than just receiving a grade of pass or fail. Our facility is held to the highest food-safety standards.  Our facility is subject to safety audits by third party independent auditing firms, as well as inspections from local, state, and national regulatory agencies.


Since 1993

Our Promise

According to figures from the EPA, US farmers produce more than $143B of crops each year.  Perfecting food preservation techniques by provided temperature-controlled storage is our number one job.

It is our families priority to preserve the integrity of the foods you produce, to seal in the fresh scents, the nutrients, and the delicious taste that you have worked so hard to capture and to deliver it, as you’d intended, to your customers.

cold storage building